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Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I've learned women who have dumped me

Okay, I'll admit, I've been emptied.  More than once.  More I have to admit, in fact.  And, although it poorly quite a bit each time, I must say that I have grown from the experience.  Here is therefore some things that I learned from women who have me dumping.

Things I've learned from dumping are women that my # 1: it takes two.

Often with pain and the master of a break, it's easy to blame your misery of the other personne.Mais truth is that, if the relationship was no longer working, you were part of the problème.Évaluer what was so that you can apply the lessons to your next relationship. 

  Things I've learned from dumping are women who me # 2: give women their personal space. 

  Women as cuddle and snuggle.  They may seem to be still around.  But we also have their personal space.Men tend to be possessive.We want to keep an eye on where they go, and they are il.Si a woman has never cheated on you, this instinct becomes more forte.Mais, confidence is a key element in a relationship.When invade you his personal space, you send the message that you don't trust your friend.This can easily lead to the end of the relationship. 

  Things I've learned from dumping are women who me # 3: you get stronger in time.

When you wake up the morning and poorly so real, you think that you will never get to the truth rupture.Mais is that not only is time heal the pain, but you will come out of the break someone more forte.Comme philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said, "that which only kill me makes me stronger."

Things I've learned from dumping are women who me # 4: it works if it was not intended to be.

Come to accept that a relationship wasn't supposed to be is a key factor in healing.If you had started projecting your relationship in the future, taking account of marriage, think of children-, then the woman you were with penniless all, consider it a blessing.It is better to end a relationship that was not deemed to be less rather than more later.

Things I've learned from dumping are women who me # 5: good things happen, unless do you.

Finally, the last lesson I want to share with you is that you cannot control what happened, but you can control how react you to what is arrivé.Si you want good things happen in the future, you must have them.

This means retrieve on the cheval.sortir, meet women from nouveau.Certains amuser.Finalement, you find another relation.Et, if you followed the advice in this article on things that I learned from women who have me dumping, the relationship will be even better and stronger than the last.

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